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Random Thoughts That Might Help You Find Your Purpose

Random Thoughts That Might Help You Find Your Purpose
Nobody becomes a master artist on the first day.

There is no such thing as overnight success, except in the movies.

A system that helps anyone achieve mastery or success quickly should be thrown out the window. For what works best is often something that takes a long time in helping you get there.

Human beings cannot thrive in isolation. A solitary tree cannot be called a forest. It's through association and companionship that we can all succeed in the modern world.

Poverty is often considered to be the biggest curse on mankind. The man who is poor is not so because of the little that he has but is certainly so because he desires a lot more than he can afford.


Simplicity lies in having less desires and wants. Those that seek to bite off more than what's available are certainly living as poor people.

A human being can truly achieve the most when he or she does not really care who gets the reward or appreciation when the job is done.

A sound education involves not just learning from your own experiences and mistakes but gaining wisdom from others who know much more than you do.

The one whose heart is as serene and still as deep waters is the one that has plenty of wisdom inside.

You and me should attempt to spend hours in the company of such learned folk.

There are times when life gets very tough and you often find it best to give up all hope once you reach a point of no return.

But it's indeed pure foolishness to do so when you already traveled so far on your journey towards the mountain top.

Perhaps the greatest of all wisdom creeps into your mind when you sit down or rest in silence and solitude.


It's best to spend time alone than be in the presence of other people who focus only on themselves.

One's intelligence can easily be detected and observed when one heads into battle against an army of lions while having a goat as one's leader.

The wise one would run away before he or she reaches the battling ground. The foolish one would stay to fight the lions and be torn into tiny little pieces.

No human being can complete two tasks at the same time and even if it's done then the results will not be the same as when he or she would have completed the task one at a time.

Be good since good deeds are remembered long after you pass this way and one's generosity cannot be wiped out by the strongest wind that blows our way from Thimphu.

Speak up and talk out aloud about yourself since success comes to those who have it in them to say what they've been holding inside and speak what runs through their mind.


Give in such a manner that you don't expect anything in return.

The best gifts are usually those that don't need the one receiving it to repay or return the favor at a later date.

One of the toughest things to do is to pay for food that has already been eaten.

Human beings have made the impossible happen by always paying for food at restaurants only after they have consumed the delicacies served to them.

Diamonds lie where you can find them. Silver is found where you find it.

Your life's purpose can be achieved when you stay still in the now and move forward depending on which direction the wind blows you.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva on Sep 4 2017 - 3:26:pm


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