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4 Simple Ways To Overcome Procrastination

4 Simple Ways To Overcome Procrastination
There are some days when you just don't feel like working.

Getting out of bed takes much longer than usual.

It takes forever to get dressed, washed up, and eat Breakfast.

It's one of those days you just wished you had a holiday.

For me, today is kinda like one of those days. I woke up later than usual, just lazed around all afternoon, and postponed my writing activities for the evening.

When evening arrived, I switched on the TV and watched an interesting show called 'Warrior Road Trip' that was coming on National Geographic.

Thereafter I lazed around the living room some more while relishing my evening tea with the family.

Around 7.30pm I finally got off my bottoms and came into my bedroom office to get some writing done.

I started my desktop computer like I do on so many days of the month and opened up the publishing center for all my blogs.

But I was stumped for inspiration. Didn't know what to write about and it really seemed tough to get started.

I sat here staring at a blank page on my PC screen for what seemed like 30 odd minutes when in reality it was just 3 minutes.

Finally I do what all great bloggers and writers do. I started typing. I guided my fingers to the keyboard keys and kept pressing them without knowing what I wanted to write about.

After about 40 odd seconds the writing started to flow. It's that simple to get rid of writer's block. I am fortunate to have discovered about this magical way to get started on any project, no matter how bored or lazy I feel when I am about to start it.


Good writers write. And they keep writing until their fingers pain. Well, I don't believe in donkey labor so I usually stop working long before my fingers start paining.

Workers work. Managers keep managing. Cooks keep cooking. And every working professional who reads this post should do the same whenever they don't feel like starting off their work day, shift or project.

I get fed of listening to people say that they are bored of their jobs. They keep complaining about this and that, they have so much negativity coming out of their mouths, and they make the worst excuses for not getting started on a project, task, assignment or activity.

Procrastination is one of the worst things that human beings suffer from.

It's a rampant disease that spreads and spreads till blocks full of people get affected by lethargy and laziness.

Most of my clients who suffer from procrastination always make similar excuses. They tell me that an old friend called them up and asked to meet so they decided to get started on their scheduled job when they returned.

Then when they returned home they wanted to catch a movie that was coming on TV that evening and so put off their work for later that night.

When night time arrived then they just were too sleepy to get even a little work done. So they put off the job till the next day.

I've had clients who have put off starting things that they wanted to start over a year ago.

Along the way they actually ran out of lame excuses and fake reasons as well.


1. The only way to get over procrastination or blocks of any kind before we start off our work days is to simply take a step forward and start working. That's it.

Just take the first step. A long journey may lie ahead of you but taking that first step right now is most important.

Well started is like getting half the work done.

In all honesty, I just made up my little story of being lazy and bored today. I never feel bored of working anymore.

I love the work that I do and I wake up each morning literally jumping out of my bed because I have so much that I want to get done during the day.

Anyone who loves what they do and truly enjoys doing what they do for a living shall rarely procrastinate.

Those who love their jobs eagerly look forward to working. It's rare to find people who love their jobs so much that they actually reach early to work on Monday mornings.

Yes, I am one of those people as well. I simply love writing these posts for the hundreds and thousands of regular readers that come this way every single month. And whenever I feel a bit bored, lazy or lethargic then all I simply do is sit down at my computer and start typing.

I have written an eBook that includes over a hundred ways to overcome procrastination and will reveal many of those ways in a series of posts on this blog and on Osovo in the near future. Bookmark this site to read my latest posts on a regular basis.

Remember that a writer keeps writing and a working person keeps working whenever procrastination, blocks, laziness and boredom sets in.


2. Plan your schedule in such a way that you live a well balanced life. Nothing ushers in boredom and lethargy more than not having a strong purpose in one's life.

Fill up your schedule with things you love doing, spend time with people that matter to you deep inside your heart, and keep aside enough time for hobbies, recreation, rest, meditation and fun.

Life's a fun adventure that might not last that long. Life is short, live it fully, live it well, love what you do, do only what you love, and have loads of fun along the way.

3. Rest is important as well. Make sure you take regular breaks between working and other activities that keep you busy during the day.

4. Don't delay things when the best time to start is right now.

Postponing activities and jobs for another day or time is a sure sign that you don't like what you have to do. A person that loves their job will always look forward to working.

You will love Monday mornings just like I do once you choose a career or vocations that you enjoy, love and are truly passionate about.

You can spot those people who love their jobs just by seeing the glow on their faces all the time.

I wish that you have the same love, energy and passion for your work since that is what makes life so much more worthwhile, enjoyable and interesting.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva on Sep 4 2017 - 3:33:pm


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