Extinguish In A Sentence

Extinguish - To render extinct, to wipe out. You know the meaning so let's make a sentence using it.

Let us join hands and extinguish the hatred that we have for all other living creatures.
Savio | Aug 5 - 8:57pm

The firemen quickly reached the scene to extinguish the fire in the building.
Ami | Aug 5 - 10:49pm

The student extinguished all his pocket money on buying books. He did not have any more money to pay to his Mess.
Sheila | Aug 6 - 2:08am

The flames of jealousy will extinguish the love that she once had for her man.
Denise | Aug 9 - 8:10pm

Every positive affirmation extinguish the negative aspects of oneself.
Gomathi | Aug 9 - 10:32pm

All should develop a sort of love and patriotism for the country and extinguish the hatred that we have towards one community. Vinay | Mar 9 - 11:05am

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