Interact In A Sentence

Interact - To act reciprocally. You know the meaning so let's make a sentence using it.

The newcomers were made to interact with the accomplished veterans on the very first day.
Savio | Aug 17 - 10:10pm

I like to interact with all my dears and nears.
Gomathi | Aug 17 - 10:42pm

A good lecturer will achieve results when he allows his students to interact with him during the classes
Sheila | Aug 18 - 5:57am

The new teacher was asked to interact more with the students during the teaching periods.
Vinay | Feb 7 - 7:19pm

The President wanted to interact with the staff when he visited the Area office.
Sheila | Feb 7 - 9:24pm

It is important for the family members to interact with each other and the best time for it is during meal times.
Mamta | Feb 7 - 10:42pm

Enoma has given platform to have healthy interaction between the students and the masters.
Gomathi | Feb 8 - 11:08am

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