Presumption In A Sentence

Presumption - That which may be logically assumed to be true until disproved. You know the meaning so let's make a sentence using it.

It was merely the presumption of the teacher that caused havoc in the school premises that day.
Savio | Aug 5 - 8:55pm

It was the wrong presumption of the tailor that caused the dress to be tight fitting.
Ami | Aug 5 - 10:47pm

I was under the presumption that the heavy rains in Mumbai has affected the Air traffic today.
Sheila | Aug 6 - 2:03am

My wrong presumption of receiving notes of the course in my mail delayed my activity on this forum.
Mamta | Aug 9 - 12:16pm

The students were under the presumption that they will be spoon fed every step of the way.
Savio | Aug 9 - 12:18pm

The law has a presumption to consider the accused not guilty of crime before trial.
Rakhi | Aug 9 - 12:40pm

Applicants should not apply for our job openings under the presumption that they will be selected just because they are graduates.
Denise | Aug 9 - 8:09pm

It was the presumption of the employees to get increased wages for the financial year 2016/17.
Gomathi | Aug 9 - 10:46pm

The manager's presumption was that all the employees were present on that day, but actually one was absent. Vinay | Mar 9 - 11:03am

All the presumptions about the present government may not be true. Vinay | Mar 18 - 10:18am

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