Tact In A Sentence

Tact - Fine or ready mental discernment shown in saying or doing the proper thing. You know the meaning so let's make a sentence using it.

We were told to handle the lunatic with tact.
Denise | Aug 9 - 8:06pm

The young boy was very tactful in handling his angry father.
Sheila | Aug 9 - 8:21pm

The teacher is very tactful in getting homework done by the students.
Gomathi | Aug 9 - 9:49pm

My child is more tactful than me in few things.I need to learn from her
Kalpana | Aug 10 - 10:04am

Children of today are very tactful in activities related to technology.
Shany | Aug 11 - 9:53am

The tactics adopted by the captain made the team win the crucial match. Vinay | Mar 9 - 10:50am

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