Titanic In A Sentence

Titanic - Of vast size or strength. You know the meaning so let's make a sentence using it.

The matter escalated to titanic proportions.
Denise | Aug 9 - 8:08pm

Goliath stood as a Titanic in front of the shepherd David and mocked at him.
Sheila | Aug 9 - 8:15pm

My friend served me tea in a titanic coffee mug.
Savio | Aug 9 - 9:40pm

The Enoma site for counselling seems to be titanic.
Gomathi | Aug 9 - 10:05pm

The titanic-sized clove of garlic made the French pastry chef rather excited to bake the loaf of Garlic Bread.
Savio | Feb 6 - 8:50pm

The preparations I have to do to make the School Annual Day a grand success seems titanic to me.
Vinay | Feb 6 - 8:56pm

The children were afraid of the Dolphin due to its titanic size. Savio | Mar 6 - 1:16pm

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