Tolerance In A Sentence

Tolerance - Forbearance in judging of the acts or opinions of others. You know the meaning so let's make a sentence using it.

The tolerance limit of the new recruits diminished after the attack by the enemies last night.
Savio | Aug 17 - 10:09pm

To master a skill, you need to have more tolerance, to withstand all the miseries in the path.
Gomathi | Aug 17 - 10:47pm

Parents should practice tolerance with their child when it asks questions, try to reply them and not get irritated.
Sheila | Aug 18 - 5:52am

My uncle who is an advocate has a low tolerance limit for corrupt individuals.
Sapna | Feb 11 - 9:29pm

The politicians in Tamilnadu say that there is a limit for their tolerance for waiting for the verdict of the Governor.
Vinay | Feb 11 - 9:31pm

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